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The idea of Moto Tour Italy was born in 2017 from my passion for two wheels and for my beautiful land. I’m Gaetano and I have been riding motorcycles since I was 14. Together with a team of experienced riders you I will show you the most spectacular places of Naples like the Amalfi Coast, Campi Flegrei and the Matesi Mountains from a unique and exclusive point of view. Live the dream of an adrenaline hike on two wheels! Get ready to discover the unique views along the breathtaking curves of Amalfi, explore the Flegrei lakes and discover the delightful alleys of Naples by motorbike. Enjoy the wind in your hair, the crystal clear water of the secret bays of the coast, the Mediterranean food and, of course, the adrenaline of a high performance bike in total safety. Contact me to check the availability of the tours.

2 Positano-min

Tour Amalfi

Magically suspended between the blue sky and the sea, the Amalfi Coast seems to be born from the palette of a painter who wanted to create a landscape that would enchant the visitor at first sight, conveying amazing sensations. Declared a “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, discover it by riding our bikes in a unique and unforgettable way; our riders will show you the most hidden points and routes.
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11 Miseno Beach-min

Tour Campi Flegrei

Not everyone knows that just 15 km from Naples there is one of the largest volcanic areas made up of dozens of 4000 year-old craters that still emit jets of steam with sulfur fumes nowadays!
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Tour Monte Matese

Surrounded by nature and at an altitude of 2050 m, stands the Monte Matese: discover it riding our bikes in a unique and unforgettable way, our riders will make you live a day in total relaxation. You will be able to admire enchanted lakes, grasslands and  animals in freedom!
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10 Piazza del Plebiscito-min

Tour Napoli

There are places you go once and you’ve had enough. And then there is Naples! The city is located between two areas, the volcanic Mount Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei. Naples! The city of sun and sea, you will be delighted by a strong aroma of coffee and by the tasty Neapolitan pizza!
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Our Riders

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Rider Gaetano

Let me introduce myself, I’m Gaetano, I’m 28 and I ride a Honda Africa Twin 1100. I consider myself a real enthusiast and I’ve been riding a motorcycle for 14 years.
I like to experience the emotions and sensations that only a motorcycle can offer in total relaxation and safety.

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Rider Marco

Hi everyone, I’m Marco, 32 years old and I’ve been riding the bike since I was 14.
I own a total black Yamaha MT-09.
I consider myself a lucky guy to be able to indulge my greatest passion and I am enthusiastic in passing it on to others.

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Rider Stefano

Hi, I’m Stefano Uliano, I’m 27, I drive a Suzuki Gsr 600 and I’m a junior telecommunications engineer. I have been riding two wheels for about 12 years. I consider myself a very reliable and sensitive guy, ready to make you live an unforgettable day with me and my bike.

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Rider Giuseppe

Hi, I’m Giuseppe, I’m 29 and I drive a Street Scrambler a perfect mix of classic and modern.
Just like our tours are, which combine the simplicity and beauty of unspoiled places with the thrill of experiencing them on two wheels

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Rider Amedeo

Hi, I’m Amedeo, I’m 28, I’m a medical major and I drive an FZ6 orange blaze. I have been passionate about motorcycles since I was a child and I will be delighted to guide you in the most beautiful places on our tours.
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Rider Luca

Hi everyone, I’m Luca, I’m 29, I’m a Social Media Manager and I ride a Yamaha Mt 07 Black. I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 13 years and I’m in love with them, I love traveling and discovering new destinations and I can’t wait to welcome you as my passengers.

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